Sassaya Professionals  |  Covid-19

Our health is our greatest asset and that is why the health of our employees, clients and relations is our priority.

As you have read earlier on our website, we have taken measures to prevent possible infection with Covid-19. These measures may have or have had an effect on the way we carry out our work, but of course we were and are ready for you. Together we have a solution for the new way of working together. We are very grateful to you for this.

Many corona rules will change on 18 February 2022. As of 25 February 2022, the corona measures will be further expired.

The lapse of measures means that we will adapt again. However, Sassaya Professionals does not fully go back to what it was like before the corona measures.

Unfortunately, the fact that corona rules are changing and that the corona measures will expire on 25 February does not mean that Corona is over.

Unfortunately, we still have to take Corona into account, especially when it comes to people who are vulnerable.
Together we must ensure that the continuity of our society is guaranteed and therefore we ask everyone to respect how everyone deals with Corona prevention measures as mentioned below.

Sassaya Professionals keeps a distance of one and a half meters as much as possible, still does not shake hands, wear a face mask as much as possible, ventilate our spaces as much as possible and maintain hygiene measures.

Administration and other matters are assumed contactless as much as possible for the time being.

In the past period, we have regularly appealed to the flexibility of everyone. We are doing that now as well.

We realize the “new normal” together.

We trust in your understanding.


Sassaya Professionals