Sassaya Professionals

Realizing Opportunities


In today’s changing economy, clients need trusted advisors.

Sassaya Professionals employ professionals with expert knowledge in various disciplines.

Understanding the business in which clients operate, Sassaya Professionals are trained to assist clients to identify risks and opportunities. We offer expert guidance by understanding businesses in which clients operate to achieve their business objectives. Sassaya Professionals are here to help improving your business performance.

Our Objectives

Create value for our clients

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A Team You Can Rely On

Creating value for our clients

Trust Worthy

We identify your needs by listening carefully


On the basis of a first quick scan we will provide you with a draft plan of approach.


We keep it simple and short.

Our Approach

Surprises are always very annoying, which is why our approach is clear. Here is our way of approach.


You can always completely free of charge contact us for an informal survey interview.

The outline of a possible solution will be already formed during the survey interview.

First contact

During our first contact (by phone or life chat) we will do our utmost to understand your questions and queries. After this contact we can plan an informal survey interview (identifying options)

In the informal survey interview, we will review with you if the possibilities offered are in line with your wishes, where the cost / benefit relationship is of importance. We try to keep the informal survey interview as concisely and effectively as possible.

After the survey interview arrangements for our services can be made or a personal consultation may be planned, of course if you agree with this.

No personal consultation needed

If it appears that we have answered your questions in our informal survey interview or our first contact no fees will be charged.

Personal consultation

Where the assessment (informal survey interview) shows that a personal consultation for you makes sense, then the cost for this consultation will be discussed with you prior to consultation.


Our current personal consultations take place in the following manners:

  • A personal consultation at our office or at your office
  • Video conference call
  • Appointments, advice and our services
  • After the personal consultation or survey interview, we can make a quotation for the cost of advice and a detailed action plan or make a quote of services.

We generally quote standard fixed prices, which can be indexed on an annual basis.
The fixed prices can change if the scope of work changes, but of course, first in consultation with you

Sassaya Professionals

Your Support for Your Business

Expert Guidance

Our expert guidance by understanding your business and business objectives are based upon education and experience, not only on the basis of our advisory services but moreover based upon us as business as well.

Business Performance

Improving your business performance by providing you with timely reporting and advisory

Full Service Office

  • bookkeeping
  • reporting
  • tax compliance
  • tax & legal advisory
  • business improving
  • c.s.

Support for your needs

Experience our services and discover our high quality approach and level at affordable terms.